FEBRUARYAfter the Referendum/Audit, Again/Fearful Blast 
EWR 877
Beginning or End /Mocking Manabí /
EWR 878 
No More Heroes/EWR 879
MARCHA Tall Order /Limbo Dancers 
EWR 881
Tough to Swallow /Courting Freedom/Riobamba to Caracas
EWR 882
Under Fire/ Slick Patch/ Kicking Quito EWR 883Candlelight Vigil/ Where Angels Fear to Tweet EWR 884
APRILClutching Straws/ Cutting The String EWR 885Debt to Soclety/ Slow Surgery EWR 886Bridge Over Troubled Water/ Moral Myopia EWR 887Bad Trip/ Hitting Bottom/ CAN can EWR 888
MAYOdd Couple/ Horror Vacui EWR 889Deck Chairs or Change/ Waiting Game/ Propaganda Paradiso EWR 890Tectonic Test/ Hotel Knightsbridge EWR 891A Year of Living Dangerously/ Opening the Muzzie EWR 892
JUNEThis Is Going To Hurt/ The Great Transition EWR 893Justice Served/ Snap, Crackle, Pop EWR 894Resuming Diplomacy/ Downward Spiral EWR 895Brothers in Arms/ Quito, Adrift EWR 896Glass Half Full/ Trouble in the hood/ The Castle Crumbles EWR 897
JULYRealigning Stars/ Begulling Beigium EWR 898Carlito´s way/ Pat On The Back EWR 899Pedal To The Metal/ Donwnward Mobility/ Bringing Back Brains EWR 900End The Absurd/ Nine While Nine/  EWR 901
AUGUSTTwo Months To Restore Faith/ Fast-Track Marathon/ Last-Minute Backflip/ EWR 902Undermining Mining/ Now Spin This/ EWR 903Testing 1, 2, 3.../ Finger in the Dike/ EWR 904 A Little Smugness/ A Test For Diplomacy/ EWR 905
SEPTEMBERTreading Water/ All In Family/ Romo´s Return/ EWR 906Better Call Saul/ Make It a Market/ EWR 907Action, not Words/ Ctrl Alt Del/ EWR 908


ENEROUnder the Makeup/What is the Frequency?/Last Issuance /EWR-830Imagine/The Price of Honor/EWR-831
FEBRERO Looks Like Lasso/Doubtful Debt Data/EWR-832Broken Glas/Another Loss/EWR-833Down to the Wire/Another Boondoggle/Too Complicated/EWR-834Final Struggle/Master of Puppets/EWR-835
MARZOTimes They Are A-Changin/Mysterious Ways/EWR-836The Trooper/Struck a Nerve/EWR-837Odebrecht, Overdue/Fake News Factor/EWR-838Too Close to Call/Throttled/EWR-839Out of Macedonia/A Most Violent Campaign/EWR-840
ABRILPride and Protest/EWR-841Legitimacy Gap/The Mask Falls/EWR-842Logo
MAYOTimeo Danaos et dona ferentes/Last Call/Dead Cat Bounce/EWR-844In Control/Almagro’s Error/EWR-845
JUNIOPower Plays/Sorry End/EWR-846Odebrecht Outbreak/Between Scylla and Charybdis/EWR-847Fighting for Comptrol/No Step Forward/EWR-848Lenin, Medvedev, Gorbachev/Testing the Water/Still Politicized/EWR-849Still Piling Up/Going for Glas/EWR-850
JULIOOil’s Return/Correa’s Departure/EWR-851
AGOSTOLonesome George/Taking Stock/EWR-855Oily Sovereignty/Bad Relationships/EWR-856Lenin Strikes Back/Downstream Debacle/EWR-857Glas Cracks/Please Come Home/OPEC Breather/EWR-858
SEPTIEMBREReality Bites/Evil Soup/EWR-859What’s the Question?/Why Even Bother?/EWR-860Smoking Pen Drive/Letters to Santa/The Cloud Castle Crumbles/EWR-861You're Being Filmed/Spot On//EWR-862Siamese Twins/Legal Beagle/EWR-863
OCTUBREThe Burial Project/Presidential Vice/EWR-864More Vuvuzela Than Trumpet/Correa's Last Bump/EWR-865Loan Acceleration/Goodbye to Bromance/EWR-866More Than a Feeling/Goodbye Sweet 16/EWR-867
NOVIEMBREForward to 19th Century/To Your Health/EWR-868Explosive Package/Another Misfire/EWR-869Raise DrawBridge/Morally Bankrupt /EWR-870
DICIEMBREBody Check/The Other Message/Teetering Dominio/EWR-872Toxic Risks/Belt and Sleeves /EWR-873Splintered Glas/Stranger Things Unsleeved/EWR-874


ENEROToo Much Unity/Exercise in Futility/EWR-784
FEBREROFeeling the Pain/Get a Job/EWR-786Buyers’ Remorse/Labor Lessons/EWR_787Real Estate Windfall/Sky-High Losses/EWR_788Lenin's Letter and Lasso's Challenge/Turbulence for Tame/EWR_789
MARZOState Oil’s Dirty Secret/Food Fight/EWR-790Losing Hold/Not Interesting/EWR_791Military Disaster/Saving SOLCA/Through the Back Door/EWR_792Unusual Unity/Tame’s Continued Turbulence/EWR_793
ABRILTaxing Times/Bill of Duties/EWR_794Worry Like it’s 1999/Lights On/Bad Report Card/EWR_796Shaken but Resilient//EWR_797People’s Triumph/Favorites’ Game/EWR_798
MAYOReality Bites/Awful Alluriquín/Enter the Grey List/EWR_799That Ugly Word/Orange Juice and Booze/EWR_800Hands in the Cookie Jar/A New Cold War/Honey Trap/EWR-801Rough Seas/Petroecuador’s Pain/EWR_802
JUNIOTaking Toll/Saber Diving/EWR_803Harboring Hopes/Golden Star/EWR_804Get Smart/Oily Payments/EWR_805Rights and Wrongs/Sunset Wedding/EWR_806
JULIOThe New Normal/Less Accountability/EWR-808The IMF’s Slow Return/Grexit, Brexit, “Excit”?/Candidate Carrousel/EWR-809Reeling/The Rodas Touch/EWR-810An Expensive Billion/Coming Home to Roost/Postgrad Protest/EWR-811
AGOSTONot Quite Speechless/Pickups and Gas Stations/EWR-812The End is Near/Assange, Again/EWR-813Weird Weapons/Breaking the Messenger/EWR-814
SEPTIEMBRESoftening Reality/Goodbye Lenin/EWR-815Pumping Biodiversity/Citizen Correa/EWR-816A Dim View/Dangerous Delay/Pistols at Dawn/EWR-817Outside Help/Uniform Justice/All in the Family/EWR-818
Risky Appetite/Na Zdorovie!*/Unhealthy Insurance/EWR-819
OCTUBRECorreadämmerung/A Danger and Opportunity/EWR-820Today Gone/Slipping Away/EWR-821Don’t Show Me the Money/Media Mayhem/EWR-822
NOVIEMBREJust in TimeLost Decade/Pilot of the Airwaves/EWR-823Painful Birth/Most Loyal Opposition/EWR-824Hey Big Lender/Bad Apple Justice/EWR-825
DICIEMBREDatapocalypse/Short-Term BlissClean Dream/EWR-826Windfall Rerun/Taking Credit/One More Bond/EWR-827Monopoly Money/Good, Bad, Ugly/Radio Gaga/EWR-828Merry Christmas/Quiet Funding/Brass Knuckles/EWR-829

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